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The Greatest Hits

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CD Tracklist

1. You Put This Love In My Heart play
2. Soften Your Heart  play
3. Oh Lord, You're Beautiful  play
4. Your Love Broke Through
5. Asleep In The Light  play
6. My Eyes Are Dry  play
7. So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt?  play
8. Grace By Which I Stand  play
9. There Is A Redeemer  play
10. Rushing Wind  play
11. To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice  play
12. Jesus Commands Us To Go!  play
13. Easter Song  play
14. Create In Me A Clean Heart  play
15. The Lord Is My Shepherd (23rd Psalm)  play
16. Make My Life A Prayer To You  play
  Bonus Songs  
17. Your Love Came Over Me (previously unreleased.)  play
18. He'll Take Care Of The Rest (Live - previously unreleased.)  play