Walking With Jesus

The following are a brief overview of some of the key aspects of becoming a Christian and starting your walk with Jesus. We strongly encourage you to read from many of the articles on Last Days Ministries web site for more information.

>What is Salvation?

First of all, it’s important to understand what salvation is. Salvation is having a right relationship with Jesus. (I John 5:12) It is acknowledging one’s need for Jesus and what he did by dying on the cross. One cannot earn salvation. Salvation is not me paying off all the bad things I have done. Going to church does not save you nor make you a Christian. Instead, one must come to the place where one recognizes one’s inability to be perfect and without sin. That is the exciting thing! God takes us just the way we are and gives us his salvation upon us just asking Him for it. His death on the cross paid for all of our inabilities and short-comings (sin) to live life as God meant us to live. To receive salvation one needs only to ask. Simply pray: "Jesus, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and that I am unable to save myself from sin. I ask that you come into my life and be my Lord and savior. Help me to live the life you meant me to live." Upon receiving God’s gift of salvation, it is now God’s job to perfect you and it is yours to cooperate with the process and to walk in a personal relationship with Him.

Seeking God

Perhaps the most important thing you can learn is to seek God. He desires a personal relationship with you. He does not guarantee that life will be easy but He does promise to be with us and to help us. He wants to hear from you, your desires, aspirations, longings, troubles, concerns, requests, etc. But He also wants to converse with you as well. He wants to give direction and guidance. He wants to give you insights and words of encouragement. Having such a relationship with God is very exciting! We would strongly encourage you to seek God every day. Talk to Him just as you wold a friend, someone you can trust and confide in. "Prayer" simply means talking to God. But also spend time listening to Him.


The word "repentance" literally means to turn around and go the other way. If you made a wrong turn onto a highway and ended up going south instead of north, the only way to correct the situation would be to turn around and go in the other direction. Just feeling bad that you had gone in the wrong direction would not change things. You need to physically turn around. In the same way, when God instructs us to repent of our sin, it is not enough to feel sorry. We need to change our actions. We need a change of heart. If you find it difficult to repent ask God to help you. The shortest and yet most powerful prayer to God is "Help!"

Studying The Bible

Fellowship With Other Believers

"Fellowship with other believers" simply means hanging out with other people who have accepted Jesus too. Ask the Lord to help you find a church or group of true and committed believers of Jesus. Visit some local churches until you find one that will challenge and teach you in the things of God. This is so important to be those who will not only encourage you but you can encourage them in your walk with Jesus. Get involved in Bible study or with a group of individuals who meet together on a regular basis to share, pray and encourage one another.

Telling Others About Jesus

Upon receiving Jesus and His gift of salvation, you will have hope in this world. Share this others. There are so many others who have yet to hear that they too can have hope. Share what God has done for you. This is called your testimony. Don’t be discouraged by those who don’t respond. Pray for them and keep sharing. Ask the Lord for opportunities to share.

Additional Information

We would strongly encourage you to read many of the articles found on this web site so as to learn more about what it means to be a Christian. Be sure to especially check-out the following (just click on the title):

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LDM Staff, 3/30/2012