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Last Days' Mexico Mercy Ministry

...feeding the hungry in Jesus' Name

Drawn to Tijuana by the lure of the border and potential employment, many poverty-stricken Mexican citizens end up in colonia, extremely poor neighborhoods nestled against the steel wall separating Mexico from the United States. As the economy around the world continues to fall, food prices rise and those who were already struggling find themselves in even greater need. The daily wage in Mexico averages $12, not enough to care for a family. Last Days Ministries has partnered with Wayne and Carol Kiger-Rice, directors of San Diego-based Voice of the Bride Ministries, to bring relief to the poor and hungry of Tijuana in the name of Jesus.

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The Josiah & Bethany Children's Home



Includes Easter and Christmas outreaches to Reynosa, Mexico (South of McAllen, Texas) and service to the Josiah & Bethany Orphanage.  For more info, visit our Orphanage pages.


Setting the Captives Free

Calvary Commission

Calvary Commission teams take hope to men and women in prison with Hope Rallies, Life Skills classes, and volunteer chaplaincy. They also offer residential aftercare with transitional housing, meeting parole requirements, discipleship and ministry training with opportunities to take hope to others.  

LDM has worked closely with Calvary Commission since 1979.