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Same Heart. Different Vehicle.

For us it has always been about presenting a powerful message in a  powerful way, visually .
And being a passionate voice to our generation. We hope to inspire and provoke you in the same way through our new website.

Our first issue went out in 1978 as just a few sheets of paper, stapled by hand.  It was a way  to encourage and challenge our supporters with the same things God was challenging us about. 

As Keith's music ministry grew the LDM Newsletter  became the LDM Magazine. 

By the mid 80's -- after Keith's death -- we were mailing to 500,000 people worldwide 


LDM Print Shop 1980's             


Along with Keith and Melody's challenging articles, many great friends contributed in the LDM Magazine -- including David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravenhill and Winkie Pratney, along with some classic Christian works from Charles Finney, John Wesley, William and Catherine Booth. We were known not only for our messages, but for our artwork.


Here are just a few of our best known covers to enjoy:


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